Sightings and reports of U.F.O.'s  by astronaunts in space. personal statements.
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Mufon homepage network mission is the systematic collection and analysis of U.F.O. data. With the ultimate goal of learning the origin and nature of U.F.O. phenomenon.
Home of U.F.O. roundup   Magazines, newsletters, link up here to find U.F.O. information from around the world.
U.F.O. researcher ....check out his radio broadcasts and more.
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National U.F.O. Reporting Center  NUFORC  to find the latest U.F.O. sightings go to this link.
Travis Walton drawings and information about his book "Fire In The Sky" and report about his experiences. 
This is a link for a club for people with like minds and to share information.
This is a search eng. for ufo and alien web sites.
This link shows ufos in ancient art work.
This link is for the freedom of  information act.
One of the best links for ufo info and reports.
One of the best internet radio shows out there.
U.F.O. reporting center and info site a very good one.
Another good site for ufos from ancient times.
This site is about the dogon and the things they know about U.F.O.s.
This is about a 120 millon year old map that has been found.
This site will give you a list of database sources, will let you view maps from all over the world  of where U.F.O.'s have been reported,  and will also let you view statistics.
We are the premier investigations organization on U.F.O. and abductee research
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