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We would like to take this opportunity to endorse  DISCLOSURE PROJECT .  If you don't know what  disclosure Disclosure is NOW  is the time to find out.  Check our Need To Know page, go to the link up, or go to Dr Greer's web site. http//www.disclosureproject.org/  This is , perhaps, the single most important movement in the U.F.O. community. While we do not agee 100% with Dr. Greer, we do feel he is trying to head the U.F.O. community in the right direction.  He and over 400 credible witnesses have called  on the U.S. Government  to open a Hearing in Congress to discuss the  U.F.O. controversy.  For the first time professional people, some with top secret and above top secret clearance in the government and military, are not only willing but requesting that they be allowed - under oath- to stand before the governing body of the United States and declare publically what they know to be the truth about U.F.O.'s..  As citizens, we must, each and everyone of us, get behind these couragious men and women and give them  our support.  Can one person make a difference?  Only if we band together and show a united  front. We have the power of the vote  on our side.  Write to your senator, your representative.  I suggest we start at state level as well as national level.  Write to your local newspaper. Why haven't you read about this in your local paper? Call your local T.V. stations, talk radio shows.  Call on local colleges and universities.  He is willing to speak out- lets give him the chance.  U.F.O. beleivers are no longer  an uneducated lunatic fringe afraid of things that go bump in the night.  This beleif crosses every educational, race, financial,  age, gender,political and releigious barrier.  Ask your neighbor, your co worker, chances are very good that they will think there is something real going on here.  If you are a disbeleiver this is your chance to prove your view as well as ours.  No one is asking for disruptive behavior, only for you to step forward and get behind the power of your vote.  America is the power of its people to make changes through the right to vote. Enable your congress men and women to let us know the truth about U.F.O.'s . Help Dr Greer to have a public discussion in Congress. Americans no longer  need to be kept in the dark  " for thier own good".  There is too much information and disinformation  to be ignored any longer.  We need to bring this out of the closet and into the public forum.  The people connected with Disclosure Project simply want an opportunity to stand before thier government and give thier sworn testimony.  The U.F.O. community needs to come together as a voting block and give them this opportunity.  Don't wait for the"other guy"  to do something first.  Remember, the pen IS mighter than the  sword.    WRITE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!  It is suggested that you write rather than E-mail.  You can lissen to Dr Greer on Art Bell Radio Show http://www.artbell.com  or contact his website  at http://www.disclosureproject.org/
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