Location: Unknown march 18,2002             I am writting in order to fine help for myself or ither people like me to talk to. As a child i saw airships. about 18 or 19 years ago i saw 3 invisible like aliens. you could still see them, like thier outline. They told me the earth would die in 2 mons2yrs2days. They said i should know the answer to that. They gave me some abilities too. I can see things like out of someones eyes. I see in color with no sound and in black and white with sound. I see what they see and feel too. But i feel more than they do. I can not stay long with them. I have seen one other way like a chalk drawing. I see high math going on and being passed on to someone else.I hear people talking to each other like they are not so nice.They are very into thierselves, one alien called himself a watcher. Please i would like some help in what i have.  Email me at.......                                                                                                                                  
Location: Fountain, Co   February02,2002         I  saw this black triangle shaped object with flickering lights just sitting in the sky not moving up or down just like it was hanging in the sky. I was in a moving car going about 35 miles  an hour. ( on the passanger side)  and I was watching it just sit there in the pitch black sky. I was stunned to see this out here because I have heard of black triangles but this one was alone.This was not a commercial airliner, I see planes all the time from the near by airport and they are big with hugh flashing lights of different colors and moving in a straight line. I heard no engines or noise from this object just flickering lights.
Location: Fort Bliss, Tx   June15,1995              I am reporting this now because at the time my husband was in the US Army and we lived in base housing So if I had opened my mouth or called the MP Station I would have been laughed at. I tried asking others if they had seen what I saw and they said no or that they weren't paying attention. I know other saw it but they don't want to be labeled nuts and just looked the other way.      I was standing on my front porch and it was overcast and hot like it always is in El Paso. All the sudden the cloud above me lit up and I saw  flashing lights going very slowly in a circle the size of whatever it was was the size of an entire football field maybe more. The lights were hugh not tiny and the flashing went on for what seemed like hours. I got a chair and sat down and watched the lights go around and around very slowly sometimes and then they would speed up and then slow down.  The lights moved counterclock wise and were bright white. There was a noise like a strange humming. I never saw what the lights were connected to because the cloud cover hid it from my eyes. All I could see was something hugh and round. After watching it for two hours to just went out and disappeared right in front of me.
Location: Buenos Aires Argentina       March 01,2002   I don't want to say my name in public. I'm 23 yrs old and a real estate broker.   It is hard for me to expain because there are so many things that I can't remember or I just don't know if they are real or I am dreaming or I am crazy. I don't drink alcohol  and I don't use drugs.  Well i was asleep And i woke up to the sound of one of the strings of my guitar, the sound was so was the 6th string..and the sound was like suspended..I can't's sound was not normal...My room was dark and the door was closed as usual.  I didn't think anything but a few  seconds later i felt something touching my fingers no hand..I just don't know how to explain what I felt....was something warm...or with electricity was touching me..then a few seconds later...I saw in the walls in the left side of my room...a thing..circular...floating in the a little sky..or smoke..turning in colors..from red..towhite.but the thing I can remember and I can't understandis that it was transparent...was like a circular sky with some kind of i just ould see the things  behind it..and..then it started moving from side to side very slowly...then to the floor..and then went very slowly to the left and to the roof..and disappeared...very very slowly.  I can't say more..than that..I have other story that happen to me when I was a child...please tell me because I want to know what happened to me that night Thanks again
3/28/02   It was about 4 years ago and during the afternoon. I looked up in the sky and I seen a cigar shaped object. It was at a horizonal floating phase, the it took off. The UFO was light brown with lights at each end..
Location: Slidell, La    April 22,2002   I was at a boat ramp near  the Rigalets Pass bridge at about 9pm. I saw a bright lit moving in the sky over me . It was blinking on and off and there seemed to be several little ones blinking inside of it.The light was maybe a pale yellow. It wasn't moving very fast but not really slowly either. It was too dark to tell if it was triangular or round.   It definately was not a plane I am very familiar with our air traffic.  There was absolutly no sound from it. and I knowticed that as it passed the wind stopped blowing around me and I had a very uncomfortable feeling though I am not given to imagination. after it passed a plane came over and the lights on it were the normal wjite,red,green and I could plainly hear it as it passed at the same altitude.