Below we have posted some of the letters we have received.  If you would like your experience included here in the future, go to "your experience" page or E-mail us.  Please be sure to include dates and locations.


Date: July 2001:  In regard to sighting at Mt. RAINER, Wash.  Hi we read your story on your need to know page and we wanted to tell you we were there. I am ---- my son is ----- I am a troop leader for the scouts. We saw what happened that day. This thing came down from the sky, it had to be moving at 10 to 15 times the speed of sound. Then it just stopped on top of the Mt.  this bluish purple beam of light came out and scanned the Mt. for a pretty long time. Everyone was snapping pictures. It totally quit as it sat  there. No one could believe what they were seeing. Then it scanned all of us and took off in the blink of an eye. I told my son we were all going to make the news because we had all seen this and had pictures. Then the next thing you know there were military everywhere. They just seemed to come out of nowhere. They took all the film, all the camcorder film and told us  not to talk about what we had seen if we did we would not like what would happen to us, and you could tell they meant what they said. I did not believe in UFO's before I saw this. Now that is all I think of.  We have thought about telling our story to the news but I have to say, it scares me. We thought about reporting it to Mufon but I dont think we will. Could you check into this for us.and post it on your web page. We will keep in touch. You may use our account but please dont use our names. thanks.
We have talked to this person several times here are two of her letters:

June 2001:  HI LINDA AND JOE thanks for responding to me it is nice to have someone to talk to about this. I have started to remember more about what is happening to me. I think they are implanting a baby in me and then came and took it. About 3 weeks ago I took a home preg test and it was + and then I had a weird dream last night that they came and took it . What is strange is I remember a doc and an alien. The dream was real strange.  I woke up crying this morning it felt so real to me. So I went and got another test from the drug store and  it was negative. This has scared me really bad. Has this happened to you or someone you know.  And will they do this again. If I do have a child will they abduct it and does it ever stop. I know I sound crazy but it is true and I am scared, thanks for listening.  --her name---

JULY 20 2001    hi LindaJoe It started happening to me again. I thought by not talking about it it would stop. I am trying not to go nuts but its not easy and I'm scared I am really scared.  I think all they want to do is breed with me and then take the babies. I would like to know  more about what  happened to you so I know I am not a nut going nuts. I see grays and humans at the same time, do you? So I think the government has something to do with it.And the grays are kind of like the ones you have on your site.Is this the ones you see and have you seen the humans that look like Drs in scrubs. Write me back and tell me what you think.  --her name--

JULY 15 2001:  I live in a part of North Carolina that has few sightings. But I was riding around one night and I saw this boomarang or triangular shape in the sky. It had lights like a 747 but the shape was wrong. It flew very slowly in a straight line until it disappeared over some trees. I knew it wasn't an airplane once I got a good look at it. Unfortunately I didn't have a camera.  --his name--ur text.
July 2001:  First I would like to say you have a nice website.I have had some strange things happen to me. I have had missing time 6 different times. There have been days where I have gotten out of bed then the next thing I know its time to go back to bed. I have been driving to work and then I am home and my boss says I never showed up when I know I was on my way. I have been with my boyfriend and then I was home in my bed and he says he did not see me  that day or night. I have just suddenly come out of a sound sleep to see shadows moving around my room that look like the gray aliens you see in books or on the TV  then it was morning. I have had strange marks on my arms and legs and back.  I have had sudden nose bleeds that my doctor can't explain. Does this ever stop. Now my 9 year old says she sees things in her room that look loke little gray men. I really dont know what to tell her. If you can help or tell me how to deal with this I would be most greatful thank you your friend---her name----

I stay not too far from Eglin AFB I have seen what you have seen many times. I have tried to take pictures of it but they always come out  black. So I am going to get myself a video recorder and see if I can catch them that way. If I catch them will you post it? There are very strange things going on down there  are you all from here I would like you to please respond.  --his name--