On this page we would like to invite you to share any sightings, encounters or abductions you  have experienced. Please include time of day, month and year, location and any important facts  such as weather.  Pictures will be welcomed.    We also would like to have your permission to share these stories with others.  Your name may be included, or not.   Or, if you prefer you may send us  your  experience and pictures, if available, to our  E-Mail address:                               
Jane, Your experience is almost, what we could call classic.  Missing time has been explained in several ways...If you were abducted for the first time due to circumstances and opportunity, you were simply at the right place at the right time,or depending on how you feel, at the wrong place at the wrong time.  We have knowticed that allowing missing time is, sometimes, a tool used by the aliens to start the abducte  on a process of remembering and becoming aware of what is going on. ,When abducted, a person may  be told "You will remember this when it is the right time"   Missing time may force us to start remembering, what,at first, can be a very dramtic ordeal.  The fact that you and your friend are having the very same same dream is important. Dreams are your unconscience mind speaking to your conscience mind.  Discuss these dreams, trying not to influence each other. Something in these dreams that may seem very unimportant at first glanc may spark an awakening of your memory or conscience mind.  If you are having trouble dealing with this , please, feel free to write to us again, First conscience recall can be very difficult.  REMEMBER, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
Carol  Thank you for contacting us.  Missing time is a classic sign of abduction, as I'm sure  you know.  This is usually the first hint  to us that something  is going on. How much time did you lose and how often does this happen to you.  Waking up with the feeling of not being alone or being watched happens to most, if not all abductes. This can be very frightening. But take confort in the fact that you wake up in your bed.  When this happens knowtice certain thing. Abductes have knowticed thier clothing is inside out, buttoned incorrectly, or even something they were wearing is no longer on.  Sometimes, thier head will be at the opposite end of the bed.  Are the curtains open or shut ( which ever way you left them) Are there any strange smells, lights, noises, or a total unnatural quiet.    Do not be overly frightened when this happens. The fact that you are  awake generally means that IF anything happened it is over.  Dreams are our subconscience mind speaking to our conscience mind.  Aliens can make us " forget"  but the subscience mind remembers.   Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Do this in great detail.  Knowtice colors, smells, sounds, how you feel, is anyone or anything familiar to you.   After a few weeks or maybe even days, depending on how  often you have these dreams, you will began to knowtice simularities. This is a clue from your subscience.   Often during the day something you see or something someone says will bring back the dream to you, another clue.  I am not an expert on abduction.   I can only answer you from my own experiences and what I have learned from researching  what I have gone through.     I beleive that you may be having some kind of experience.  All I can suggest, at this time, is that you might want to read some books about other abductes.  If you would like  to talk about what is happening to you in more detail, I am always willing to lesson. Sometimes, just telling it to someone of like mind helps to cope.
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Jane  June 28th     If you need to talk more privately you can email us at  Aliens implanting  babies in human females is something that many of us beleive.  You might want to read the book "Missing Time" by Bud Hopkins.  I personally beleive this happens, it has happened to me in the past and to others I know personally.  I know the very thought that it might be real is unbeleivable and horrible.  But many of the things happening to us is.  As you can see I don't view the aliens as "good space brothers"  You don't sound crazy  just like someone who is coming to grips with what is going on.  At first I thought I surely was losing my mind. It is a very hard thing to comprehend.   There is a difference in the babies they implant in us the the ones we have for ourselves, so please don't be scared about that. The important thing is to try to live as normal a life as you can do not let this thing take over your every waking moment. It is something you can learn to live with.  But it does help to have someone to talk to that will understand.  What about your friend that was with you on the first contact?   Will it go on forever?  I really don"t know, I can say that I have been dealing with this most of my life and still am.    Do research into this subject, the more you learn the better you can cope.   A very important thing for you to know right from the start is that these things are being experienced by NORMAL everyday people.  Don't try to explain it to everyone or even think everyone will understand....unless it is happening to you it seems very unbeleivable. People don't want to beleive something that will scare them.  Is there something I can tell you about or some way I can help you cope with this? Please just ask.   Linda
Aliengirl   We are sorry if you have had a bad experience with Mufon.  What happened?   We may conduct a poll in the near future the outcome would be interesting .
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Aliengirl  6-03-01  The reason we set up this website, was to have a place to meet and discuss experiences with others that have had U.F.O. experiences.  Let's see what the MUFON poll has to say.  We intend to send the results to some friends we have at MUFON.  Thanks for getting some of your friends to vote and to share thier experiences with us.  When something out of the ordinary- like a sighting or an abduction- happens to someone, it is a great comfort to know other people are experiencing the same things.  We all need to know we are not alone. Joe and Linda
Jane  JULY  19-01   We have received your latest  information.  We would like to answer you but not on this forum.  If you will send us information to our Email we can Email you a reply to your Email address. Your experience are becoming too personal for a public discussion such as this is. We do want to help you. This is a very hard thing to accept at first and much easier when you have someone to talk to.  Please Email us as soon as possible.  Linda and Joe
Chris  6-03-01  We are very interested in speaking more with you as we seem to have a common experience.  Some of the pictures we took  at Navarre also came out black. I beleive this is due to a field that the ships put around themselves. We also used a video recorder. We didn't realize what we had on tape until  we viewed it frame by frame.  You may want to get one with night vision if possible.  Have you knowticed any Tesla fields in any of your pictures?  Also, while taking pictures have you heard any loud booming noises in the area?  A very good book for you to read to help you  with this is " Silent Invasion" by Ellen Crystal.     We  would like to speak with you by E-Mail if possible.Send us your E-Mail address if you would.    We would be more than happy to post any pictures  of these ships that you might get on our web. Joe and Linda
Sighting at Mt Rainer   6-03-01  As you requested, we will not use your names.  However, it was very exciting to hear from someone that was acctually part of the experience.  We will find out the name of the Mufon representative in your area and post it here as soon as we can. Then you can decide if you want to contact them, or not.  We would very much like to hear from more witnesses of this event.   I applaud your courage in contacting us and now that you are interested in what is going on please let us know if there is anything we can help with U.F.O.'s and the related experiences that are connected with them are very real .  The more we force these events into public awareness, the more likely  we are to force an answer to what is really going on.   Joe and Linda
Marty  6-6-01    Thank you for writting to us. Your experiences seem to be  extremely intrusive to your life. We have discussed this between ourselves and contacted another U.F.O. resercher and I beleive there are a few things we can tell you that may help some. However, I do not feel comfortable discussing this on an open format such as this. If you will send us your E-mail address I would like to send you a private return. When the abductions are multiple and as upsetting as yours, it is very hard on the abductee. I would very much like to help you, if I can. Waiting to hear from you.. Joe and Linda